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Conceived in the summer of 2015 by Jocelyn Todd and Marie-Pier Gilbert, the inaugural season of Dark Horse Dance Projects had the privilege of showcasing nine exceptional choreographers' works in the beautiful church-like space at Scotton Hall in the Glebe. These choreographers and dancers are all active members of the small but vibrant Ottawa dance community.


2015's participating artists were:

Jocelyn Todd/Jessie LHôte/Maxime Nadeau

Caroline Barrière / Marie-Pier Gilbert

Cathy Kyle Fenton / Nicola Henry

Laura Toma / Katherine NG

Charles Cardin-Bourbeau

Marilou Lépine / Mark Eden-Towle / Pierre-Luc Clément 

Mary Catherine Jack / Megan Jerome

Amelia Griffin and Company

Annabel Boissoneault / Alya Graham


DHDP 2015 was generously sponsored by:







DHDP is now an annual event with evolving content that attracts participants and audiences from within Ottawa and from Montreal, Toronto, nationally and internationally. 



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