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Shows: September 8 to 10, 2022

Technical rehearsals: September 5 to 7, 2022 (daytime and/or evening)

Venue: The School of Dance, 200 Crichton St., Ottawa, K1M 1W2

Deadline for applications: May 1st, 2022 at midnight


About Dark Horse Dance Projects


Dark Horse Dance Projects (DHDP) is Ottawa’s annual not-for-profit open-themed dance creation and presentation platform. DHDP is dedicated to presenting a variety of brand new works from choreographers of all career stages who are based in Ottawa or who have demonstrated valuable links to our dance community. Our mandate is to kick-start and maintain viable and innovative careers for local dance artists and to support, advocate and propel their artistic work. We aim to generate creative innovation locally and invest in building community interest in contemporary dance.




**Please read the following carefully as it contains very important information regarding the specifics of the pieces presented this year and the performance venue.**




DHDP will be fostering the creation and presentation of three new contemporary dance works of 12 to 16 minutes.


DHDP asks all choreographers to explore a new idea rather than remounting a previously created piece. We invite you to propose an idea in any direction you wish within the parameters of our 2022 performance venue and lighting capabilities (see below).


This year, our performances will be held at The School of Dance, a historic building in Ottawa that has wonderful character and potential for creating intriguing performance spaces. Performances will take place in various studios throughout TSOD and audiences will be ushered around the building to the different spaces. 


In this edition, DHDP asks you to apply for a piece with one to three dancers. We ask that the choreographers do not perform in their own piece in order to fully immerse themselves in the choreographic task. 


Please note that applications from choreographers outside of Ottawa are welcome however the majority of your dancers must reside in the Ottawa region. Conversely, if you are an Ottawa choreographer, you might choose to have an interpreter from outside of Ottawa.




DHDP offers all choreographers creative residencies in Ottawa (25 hours) and the chance to work with one of our experienced artistic mentors.


DHDP will offer rehearsal and performance fees for both the choreographer and dancers: 

25 hours of paid rehearsals for the choreographers

25 hours of paid rehearsals for the dancers

Performance fee for choreographers and dancers (x3 shows)

DHDP cannot offer payment for any other live performer (musician, etc.) or collaborator

**All the fees include taxes, if applicable


All artists will receive full technical support including a technical and dress rehearsal. 

Please note that as the performances will take place in a school space we will not be able to offer overhead lighting. We will be asking all artists to keep their lighting requirements to a minimum.


DHDP will offer artists a video and a few photos of their work in performance.




  1. You are eligible for this opportunity if you are a dance artist who has completed a professional dance training program and/or a professional dance artist who has been presenting her or his own work publicly.​

  2. Residencies will be available from June until August in Ottawa at The School of Dance and  Ottawa Dance Directive. Both of these locations will have limited dates available, but we will aim to accommodate your schedule as much as possible within these dates.

  3. Artists must adhere to the current Covid protocols in the rehearsal spaces and performance venue.




Please send the following information to by May 1st, 2022 at midnight, with the email subject as Name/Year. 


  1. Application form (download below)

  2. Applicant CV  

  3. What is your relationship to the Ottawa dance community? (150 words)  

  4. Describe the idea you wish to explore and/or your creative process. Include a list of dancers names and any other collaborators. (350 words)  

  5. How will participation in Dark Horse Dance Projects contribute to your current artistic goals? (150 words)  

  6. A YouTube or Vimeo link to a video of your work.


For applicants based outside of Ottawa only:


As DHDP was initiated as an opportunity to increase the visibility of Ottawa based dance artists, please explain how your work will involve and/or contribute to the Ottawa dance community and why you would like to be part of DHDP this year. (200 words)  

Please note that we cannot pay for any transportation or accommodation in Ottawa.

Call for Artists 2022

Call for Artists PDF

Application Form

Please contact for any questions about your application.

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